Maca Board Meeting Minutes
Kennedy Senior Center, Natick, Mass
Minutes prepared by Richard Collins

The meeting was called to order at 8:05 pm by President Steve Frymer. In attendance were Ken Belt, Ken Churbuck, Richard Collins, Gus Gosselin, Bob Messenger and Paul Randazzo. Peter Lee arrived at 8:15 pm.

Motion 04-066: Moved to accept the minutes of the March 14, 2004 meeting. (Messenger, Churbuck 2nd) Passed 6-0-1.

Treasurerís Report

Treasurer Bob Messenger reviewed the March 2004 report. General Fund income for March was ($474.50). Total income for March was $330.89. Total assets as of March 31, 2004 are $69,490.93. Ken Belt requested additional information regarding the amount of advertising revenue receivable. Bob Messenger reported that a significant portion of the receivable was paid in April. Steve Frymer will request a written report from the ad manager. The idea of requiring advance payment for all ads was discussed but no action was taken.

Motion 04-067: Moved to accept the treasurerís report for March. (Randazo, Churbuck 2nd) Passed 7-0-1.

Elections Commission

Ken Churbuck and Paul Randazzo reported on plans for the annual election. The ballots will be in the mail by May 1. Mailed votes must be received by May 28. Voting will close at noon May 29. Votes will be counted May 29 at the site of the Mass. Open. The cost of the election was estimated to be $600, part of which will be paid by the Mass. Open since a flier for that tournament will be included with the ballot. Details of the ballot were discussed and minor changes were made.


Steve Frymer reported that the Hurvitz Cup team tournament will be held Sunday May 2 at the Fleet Bank building in Boston. Ken Belt discussed qualification rules for the Hurvitz Cup. He stated that some of the rules regarding qualification were changed without a vote of the scholastic committee. At least one student would be unable to play because of this rule. Lengthy discussion followed. Several motions were proposed but none were voted on.


Motion 04-068: Moved to approve Lyonel Tracy as a MACA life member. (Messenger, Churbuck 2nd) Passed 7-0-1.

New Business

Gus Gosselin reported on the portion of MACA assets invested with Berthel Fisher Company. Ken Belt discussed the need for a review of MACAís policy regarding responses to emails.

The MACA annual meeting will be held Sunday May 30 at 3 pm at the site of the Mass. Open. Ken Belt suggested that the location and time of the next monthly meeting of the board of directors be determined after the election.

Ken Belt announced that Roza Eynullayeva will compete in the Polgar Invitational Tournament.

Motion 04-069: Moved to adjourn at 10:25pm (Churbuck, Gosselin 2nd). Passed 7-0-0.

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